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History can often be easily reflected upon with the clarity of hindsight and the polish of grandeur; accomplishments highlighted, focused on, and turned into indisputable fact. This can be especially true in David vs. Goliath stories such as the colonies defeating Great Britain in the American Revolution; it’s characters becoming idealized heroes. One such story includes the achievements of Ethan Allen.



Quite often we hear the the results of successful, or tragic, historic events. Behind each of those lies a story, a journey the men and women of history took while accomplishing the things we read about and celebrate. In George Washington's Journey - The President Forges a New Nation, author T.H. Breen takes us through his personal journey that followed that of Washington's, this book an intriguing look into some of the daily-life details that show an often overlooked, yet very essential side of George Washington.



When looking at history, the big events usually jump out. Big battles, surrenders, key figures, and major victories. Behind each of those is a winding, layered story that slowly builds until the moments of those events. For the American Revolution, most of these events happen in the 1770's and 1780s, yet in Stephen Cross' The FEVER of 1721 - The Epidemic that Revolutionized Medicine and American Politics, we take an incredible journey into several catalysts that would later be influential in the Revolution we are so familiar with.