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History is based in the contributions of men and women whom, often in trying circumstances, make decisions and lead others to accomplish some of the most incredible feats. Others are the catalysts for such change, such bold action, such innovative thinking; they support others in their endeavors, they help drive the events that change history. James Madison was one of these men. In Madison's Gift - Five Partnerships that Built America, author David O. Stewart shares his take on the contributions of Madison, his "gift", to several also-famous contemporaries, as they partner to share America in its early years.



George Washington is no doubt one of the most celebrated Founding Fathers. His leadership and vision helped America's bid for independence come to fruition, and his ability to unify was as impressive as it was effective. One such example is his Farewell Address, a letter drafted in 1792 and published in 1796, it summarizes Washington's thoughts as "a warning from a parting friend", with advice on the years ahead. John Avlon, quite intelligently, takes us through the events that planted the seed for the letter, and ultimately those which made Washington want to publish it.



There are many ironies throughout history, one such that proves prominent in colonial times is that which many of the Founding Fathers, those fighting for independence and freedom, themselves owned slaves. How can those so noted and respected, for leading our country to new beginnings, also partake in some of the activities they were fighting against? Liberty and Slavery - The Paradox of America's Founding Fathers explores this paradox, looking into 18th century culture and the seemingly dual lives of those who helped shape our nation.