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What is RevWarTalk.com

RevWarTalk.com is a positive and supportive online community for discussion of topics and interests related to the American Revolutionary War.


What can I find on the site? 

The site offers forums where users can discuss many topics and introduce their own topics and questions.  There is also other content related to the Revolutionary War, relic hunting, and collecting.


If I have another question, how do I contact the site Admin?  

Feel free to reach out via the Contact Us page on the site.  It offers an easy to use contact form and contact information.


Where can I read about the Community Guidelines?

You can find out more about the Community Guidelines by clicking here to visit that page.


Where can I read about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use?

You can find out more about the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use by clicking here to visit that page.


Why was RevWarTalk started?

RevWarTalk started when the creator was looking for a great and active forum for folks with an interest in the Revolutionary War to share their interests.  If you have an interest in the American Civil War, visit Civil War Talk - we are not affiliated with them though they are an amazing forum and top notch site focused on the Civil War, part inspiration for this site, and a great community of folks.



What Forum tool does the site use?

RevWarTalk uses the Kunena Forum.  It is a very popular and great forum tool with many features.  For more details and information about it, visit the Kunena site at http://www.kunena.org.

How do I copy and paste a hyperlink?

Some content items might have a hyperlink, in text form, at the bottom of the page related to some of the content sources.  To view these links, just copy and paste them into your browser.  To do that, highlight the text (click and hold the mouse button while dragging the cursor over the text), then click Edit > Copy, click in an emtpy address bar in a new browser window, then click Edit > Paste.  Press Enter, and you should go right to that page.








Does it cost anything to Register?  

RevWarTalk is FREE to register for and use.  Users can register to join the community and gain access to key site features and content.  Click here to Register.  Also, for unregistered users, there is a "Register" button that displays towards the top right of each page on the site.


Do I need to register?

Registering is not necessary.  We value an open forum where one can be comfortable easily sharing and discussing interesting topics, and some folks like to get a feel for things before they share more.  Visit the Guest Forum to post without registering.  To help prevent internet spam, this forum is moderated so the post might not show up immediately.  If you decide to register (it takes less than one minute and is absolutely free), you'll be able to take advantage of additional features on the site.


What are the benefits of registering? 

Registering offers several benefits:

  • Ability to search forums
  • Can post to forums
  • Follow posts and be informed of replies
  • Receive email notices of replies to posts you are following
  • Use Private Message tool
  • Library editing, adding, and search
  • Additional site content as it is added







How do I post on a forum?

To post on a forum, just go to the Forum page, click a topic of interest, then click the "New Topic" button.  You can enter a title and text for your post and make it available for others to read.


Do I have to check back frequently to see if someone has responsed to a post?

No, the forum can automatically let you know via email when someone has replied to a post you made or in a topic you are interested in.  When writing a post, make sure the box near the Submit button is checked that mentioned you will be notified of a reply.  Also, just click the "Subscribe" button on any topic that interests you and you will be notified of responses via email.  


How do I Subscribe to a topic?

To subscribe to a topic, just go to the Forum page, click a topic of interest, then click the "Subscribe" button.


I posted an question though it has been some time and I have not received a rsponse yet, how come?

The benefit of a user community is the knowledge we can share, and sometimes a question might be looking for something unique or specific.  If you do not get a response to a post, give it some time, a member might come along with just what you need and be able to share more about it.


How do I manage subscription and other preferences?

As a regsitered user, just go to the Forum page, click the "Profile" tab towards the top of the Forum, click "Edit" towards the top-right of the Profile tab, then edit your preferences to what you would like.



What do the icons on the Forum pages represent?

Below is an icon legend for the main icons you will see.  Essentially if it has the color green in it, it is something new you have not read yet.  Categories are the main discussion topic groups, and Topics are the individual user discussions within the Categories.

Category New Topic:  

Category Standard:  

Topic New No Replies Yet:  

Topic Standard No Replies Yet:  

Topic New:  

Topic Standard:  


How do I search the Forums?

As a registered user logged in, there is a search box available towards the top right of each page on the site.  Just type in what you would like to search for, and press the "Enter" key on your computer keyboard.

You can also go to the Forum page, click the "Search" tab towards the top of the Forum page, enter in what you would like to search for, and click the "Search" button.


Is there a way to easily view the topics I have participated in?

Yes, just go to the Forum page, click the "My Topics" tab towards the top of the Forum.  There you can view the topics that you have participated in.






Private Messaging System

What is the private messaging system?

The Private Messaging System in a simple tool that allows registered users to communicate with eachother outside of the forums.  For example, if you would like to discuss something with another user without posting it on the main forums, the Private Messaging System can be used.  It is integrated into the Forum and easy to use.


How do I access the private message tool?

To access the private message tool, make sure you are signed in, then go to the Forum page.  Towards the top right of the Forum menu, you will see a link named "Private Messages".  Click that to enter the tool.


How do I read and send private messages?

To read and send private messages, click the "Private Messages" link towards the top right of the Forum page.  This will being you to the private message inbox where you can see what messages you have, see what you have sent, delete messages, and compose a new message.


How do I write and send a new private message?

To write and send a new private message, click "Compose" from the Inbox screen, select a user to send the message to, enter in the message, then click the "Send" button.


How do I know if I have received a new private message?

To know if you have received a new private message, just be logged in and check the top right of the Forum page.  If you have a new message, the "Private Messages" link will switch to say "New Private Messages: " with the number of new messages listed next to it.  Click this link to go to the private message inbox where you can read your new message(s). 


Do I need to login to see if I have a new private message?

No, you do not need to be logged in to be notified of receipt of a new personal message.  You will be sent an email notifying you that someone has sent you a personal message.  If you would like to modify how you are notified of new personal messages, click the "Settings" link towards the bottom of the personal message inbox, and select the settings that you prefer.


Are the private messages saved to my inbox for an extended period of time?

The private messages are intended as a means to communicate more directly with users, though not intended as a long-term communications solution.  The time period messages remain in the inbox/outbox/trash is usually displayed at the bottom of each respective screen (inbox/outbox generally 6+ months) and should be sufficient for common use of the system.  If you need information from the messages, one might consider saving it elsewhere if/as needed.






Reference Library Contributions

What is the Reference Library?

The Reference Library is a resource to help learn about and help in the identification of Revolutionary War period antiques.  Sometimes we are looking for more information in identification of an item or for research, and a collection of related information in a single place can often be helpful.  The library should not be considered an absolutely definitive and fully accurate resource.  Item information can be edited by users and the aim is a growing collection of related knowledge over time, that is as accurate as possible.


Can I edit items already in, or add a new item to the library?

Yes, as a Registered user that is logged in, you can both edit current items and add new ones.  Say, for example, there is an item that you have a detailed knowledge on or have photos of a similar item (maybe different angles or specific parts) - adding this would be helpful to others interested in learning about that item though might have access to one to hold, turn, and see different markings, etc.  Or, maybe you see something that might be incorrect in the description of an item, you can edit it to reflect the information you believe to be most accurate.


If I edit an item is the previous item information lost?

No, when you edit and save an item, the previous information is not lost.  The item you save becomes a new version that is shown in the library.  If a mistake is made, no worries at all, just try editing the item again.  If you need, contact the site Admin and request that an item be restored to a previous version.  The aim is to be comfortable sharing knowledge, so feel free to edit and make updates.


How do I edit an item?

To edit an item, just click the blue box on any item page, then the Edit button.


The Item Edit window opens.  Edit the text description and add images if you would like, then click Save.


Upon successful save of the edit, you should see the success message.




How do I add a New Item to the Library?

To add a new item to the library, in summary: click to create a new item, add images and text, then click save.  It will be submitted to the Admin to publish to the library.  Detailed steps are:


Click the link from the Library page to create a new item.  That opens the new item window.  Enter the Title, then click the blue Template Button towards the bottom left of the screen.


After clicking the Template Button, sample text is entered.  Delete whatever sample text you would like and add in whatever you would like for the item (text and images).



To add a hyperlink just add the link address into the URL field of the Add Hyperlink window.


To add images just click the Add Image button then drop or select files, and click Upload.



The images you uploaded should appear in the image list.  Click the image name to select it, and edit the dimensions if you need to make it smaller.  Enter in Alternate Text (a name search engines will see - i.e. "georgewashingtonportrait" or "1776fergusonrifle"), then click Insert.


Click the Save button in the new item window.  Upon successful save, you should see the successful submission message.  The newly submitted item will go to the site Admin to add to the library.



If I have any other questions about the Reference Library, who can I ask?

Feel free to send any questions to the site Admin, an easy way is via the contact page, here.