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The 4th Continental Light Dragoons also known as Moylan’s Horse was raised on January 5, 1777 at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for service with the Continental Army under Colonel Stephen Moylan. The regiment entered the history books by taking the field in captured British scarlet coats as noted in a letter from General George Washington to Colonel Moylan dated May 12, 1777, in which Moylan was directed to have his uniforms dyed to avoid confusion with British dragoons. The regiment changed to green coats faced in red during the summer of 1778, with Tarleton helmets (black leather helmets in the style associated with Banastre Tarleton).

The regiment saw action at the Battle of Brandywine and the Battle of Germantown in their scarlet uniforms, and the Battle of Guilford Court House and the Battle of Yorktown in their more familiar green coats. The regiment was furloughed June 11, 1783 at Philadelphia and disbanded on November 15, 1783.


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