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The 5th Massachusetts Regiment also known as the 27th Continental Regiment was raised on April 23, 1775 under Colonel Mansfield outside of Boston, Massachusetts. The regiment saw action at the Battle of Bunker Hill, New York Campaign, Battle of Trenton, Battle of Princeton. Colonel Rufus Putnam took command in January, 1777 and participated in the Battle of Saratoga.

The regiment was furloughed June 12, 1783 at New Windsor, New York and disbanded on November 3, 1783.

==Later units==

During the American Civil War, there were two separate and distinct units, one the Fifth Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, and the other known as the 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry, which was a colored regiment. The 5th Massachusetts Volunteer Cavalry was mustered out of Federal service at Clarksville, Texas, on October 31, 1865.

The 5th Massachusetts Volunteers served in the Spanish-American War, and was mustered out on March 31, 1899.


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