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The 6th South Carolina Regiment was authorized on 28 February 1776 in the South Carolina State Troops and was organized during the spring of 1776 as five companies of volunteers from the northwestern region of the colony of South Carolina.

The regiment was adopted into the Southern Department of the Continental Army on 25 March 1776. The regiment was re-organized on 18 October 1776 to six companies and was assigned to the 1st South Carolina Brigade on 23 November 1776. On 11 February 1780 the regiment was consolidated with the 2nd South Carolina Regiment. The regiment was relieved on 3 January 1779 from the brigade and assigned on 1 February 1779 to the South Carolina Brigade. The regiment was merged into the 2nd South Carolina Regiment on 11 February 1780. The regiment saw action at the Siege of Savannah.


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