Andrew Elliot – British Military Personnel


Andrew Elliot (1728–1797) took over from James Robertson as acting colonial governor of the Province of New York in 1783. He was born November 1728 in Edinburgh, the son of Sir Gilbert Elliot of Minto. He was a brother of Gilbert, John, and Jean Elliot.

He arrived in Pennsylvania in 1746 as an apprentice and established himself as a trader. In 1762, he was elected a member of the board of trustees of the College of Philadelphia. In 1763, he was appointed collector of the port of New York and receiver general of New York. In 1764 he was appointed to the Province of New York executive council.

During the American Revolution he remained a Loyalist. A few days after the declaration of independence he left New York City for Perth Amboy for his safety. He returned to New York City after the British reoccupation. On 1 May 1777 he was appointed the head of the military court of police and on 17 July the superintendent of all imports and exports. In 1780 he was appointed lieutenant governor of the Province of New York. In 1783 he was part of the delegation that met with George Washington. He was the acting governor from April 1783 to November. Elliot left for Scotland in December 1783. {Citation needed|date=February 2012}

==Last years and death==

He returned to Scotland but held no public offices. He died at home on 25 May 1797 at Mount Teviot, Jedburgh, aged 68.