Battle NameDate(s)Duration (days)Colonial And Allied ForcesBritish and Allied ForcesVictorColonial CommanderBritish Commander Battles of Lexington and Concord04/19/1775138001500ColonialJohn ParkerFrancis Smith Siege of Boston04/19/1775 äóñ 03/17/17763321600011000ColonialGeorge WashingtonThomas Gage Gunpowder Affair04/20/17751150-NeutralPatrick HenryLord Dunmore Capture of Fort Ticonderoga05/10/1775116878ColonialEthan AllenWilliam Delaplace Battle of Chelsea Creek Begins (Boston Campaign)05/27/1775 äóñ 05/28/17752600230ColonialJohn StarkSamuel Graves Battle of Machias Begins (Naval Battle)06/11/1775 äóñ 06/12/177525540ColonialJeremiah O'BrienJames

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