Below is a list of related books by category.  The link for each will take you to where you can see more details and read user reviews.




General History

1776.jpg 1776 – David McCullough

TheGloriousCause.jpg The Glorious Cause – Robert Middlekauff

GeorgeWashingtonsSecretSix.jpg George Washington’s Secret Six

valourforeandaft Valour Fore and Aft: Being The Adventures of the Continental Sloop “Providence”

 founding_brothers.jpg  Founding Brothers – Joseph J. Ellis

 prr.jpg  Paul Revere’s Ride – David Hackett Fischer


revolutionarycharacters.jpg  Revolutionary Characters – Gordon S. Wood

thefirstliberty.jpg  The First Liberty – William Lee Miller

washingtonscrossing.jpg  Washington’s Crossing – David Hackett Fischer

wwtfoundersdo.jpg  What Would the Founders Do? – Richard Brookhiser

theunknownamericanrevolution.jpg  The Unknown American Revolution – Gary B. Nash

 commonsense.jpg  Common Sense – Thomas Paine

 rightsofman.jpg  Rights of Man – Thomas Paine

ageofreason.jpg  The Age of Reason – Thomas Paine





BenjaminFranklin-AnAmericanLife.jpg Benjamin Franklin – An American Life – Walter Isaacson

 ThomasJefferson-TheArtofPower.jpg Thomas Jefferson – The Art of Power – John Meacham

WashingtonaLife.jpg Washington – A Life – Ron Chernow


Dr. Joseph Warren: The Boston Tea Party, Bunker Hill, and the Birth of American Liberty – Samuel A. Forman – Well-received biography of the Revolutionary War doctor and hero, Dr. Joseph Warren.



John Sevier: Tennessee’s First Hero by Gordon T. Belt – A look into this celebrated soldier of the American Revolution, admired politician, and Founding Father of the state of Tennessee.  Learn more about this man in this biography that examines his life and times.  More about Gordon on the Posterity Project, and a book review at Chapter 16.


hamilton.jpg Alexander Hamilton – Ron Chernow

 HEGW.jpg  His Excellency George Washington – Joseph J. Ellis

 johnadams.jpg  John Adams – David McCullough


washingtonsgeneral.jpg  Washington’s General – Terry Golway

Collecting – Buttons

MilitaryButtonsoftheAmericanRevolution.jpgMilitary Buttons of the American Revolution – Don Troiani


Historical Fiction


Revolutionary – Alex Myers – Intelligently written piece and mix of historical accuracy and fiction about Deborah Samson, a women living during the American Revolution, fighting for herself, and America.  Released in 2014.  Also, view the authors site:



Tim Curious – A Revolutionary period murder mystery involving a 16-year-old apprentice and his journey to serve the cause of freedom. Released in 2015.