Caleb Gibbs – Continental Army Officer – Massachusetts


Caleb Gibbs (1748–1818) was the first commander of the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, the unit that protected General George Washington during the American Revolutionary War.

Gibbs was born on February 28, 1748, in Newport, Rhode Island. He took up residence in Marblehead, Massachusetts. During the American Revolutionary War, he was a captain in the 14th Massachusetts Regiment from Marblehead. On 12 March 1776, General Washington appointed Captain Gibbs as the commander of the Commander-in-Chief’s Guard, with the title of captain commandant. Three years later, in 1779, Gibbs was succeeded as commander by William Colfax. During his command of Washington’s “Life Guard” Gibbs was promoted to the rank of Major on July 29, 1778. Gibbs was succeeded by William Colfax as commander of the Life Guard.

On November 6, 1818, Gibbs died in Charlestown, Massachusetts.