Elijah Hall – Continental Navy Officer


Elijah Hall (December 8, 1742 – June 22, 1830) was an officer in the Continental Navy.


Hall, born in Raynham, Massachusetts, was appointed Lieutenant in the Continental Navy on June 14, 1777, to serve in the frigate Ranger under John Paul Jones. Ranger sailed for France on November 1, 1777, taking two prizes en route, then put to sea from Brest on April 10, 1778, to cruise in the Irish Sea. Hall took part in the capture of several vessels, the landing at St. Mary’s Isle April 23, and the capture of HMS Drake next day. Hall commanded the prize crew which took Drake into Brest. Hall continued to serve as Lieutenant of Ranger until he was captured at Charleston, S.C., May 12, 1780.

Released after the end of the war, Hall settled in Portsmouth, New Hampshire in 1818 and held various community positions until his death there on June 22, 1830.


In 1943, the destroyer USS Hall (DD-583) was named in his honor.


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