Hello, is looking for a Discussion Forum Administrator!  We enjoy lively and interesting discussion on all things Revolutionary War, and would love to have you be actively involved in:

  • Generating discussion topics
  • Contributing to discussion topics and conversations
  • Writing some of your own material to post (if you’re interested), and reaching all of the RWT readers
  • Ensuring the forum contributors participate in a positive and respectful way
  • Helping grow the forum activity

This role is volunteer (unpaid) and for the love of history (the way the site was created!), so if you’re excited to be part of a historical community, contribute your own content, and help the community grow, email us at:

Please include:

  • The reason for your interest
  • If you have any previous experience administering forums (none needed, just curious!)
  • How you’d envision the Forum community growing

Any other questions of course just let us know. Please share this amongst your historical communities too, we would appreciate it.

Happy History!