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Robert Jenner

Thank you everyone for the welcome! Dan, thank you for the kind words, I have currently visited 10 signers. In Philly I have visited Robert Morris, James Wilson, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Joseph Hewes, Francis Hopkinson and George Rush. At Laurel Hill Cemetery I visited Thomas McKean, and in Princeton I visited Robert Stockton, and John Witherspoon. I have driven past the cemetery where John Hart is buried in Hopewell, NJ but have yet to stop because of the snow!

My blog http://tombtours.blogspot.com is where I share my own tour as well as giving a little info on those I visit. My BIG news is that I just teamed up with a app developer and we pare going to build a app that is part tour, part game for ‘Tomb Hunters’ to visit different historical figures! We are still planning but as soon as I get more info I will share it here.

Again thank you for the welcome!