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Jamie Odom

Thanks Rev War !

I did some checking on William because to tell you the truth it’s been a while since I have delved into the research. My next project was to look more into him but I have not gotten around to it. Anyway I went back to what I do have on him and I think that he may have been living with his father or on his father’s land. His father was a Richard Swanson from Brunswick County Virginia and was some kind of land speculator (not sure what land speculator actually means. About a year ago I found out that my great uncle had done some research on the family years ago and I was sent a manuscript of what he found from a long lost relative on ancestry!. He notes in the manuscript that Richard was “apparently a land speculator”) I did an ancestry search and found that Richard was issued a land grant for Edgecombe, North Carolina in 1761 and William was born in Edgecombe. I am sure that they were probably farmers. They did seem to use their land to move to other areas. I have noticed that they moved a lot and used their land to their advantage. They started off in Virginia-moved to Carolina-Moved to Georgia during the Civil War (didn’t go very well for them)- moved to Alabama- moved to Oklahoma and then moved to Texas which is where I am from. I have wondered if William was some kind of closet loyalist but maybe he just didn’t want anyone taking his land or maybe his father was a loyalist and didn’t want him involved (I have been watching the show “Turn” and it kind of makes you wonder. Who knows ! Are there any good books on this subject I could read ? Thanks again and that would be great if you have the time for transcription. ! By the way for anyone interested I do family history research for people that need help. It’s free. Just something that I enjoy doing on the side. I can find transcripts like the one I uploaded on just about anyone’s family if they served in a war.