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Hello Josh,

Welcome to the site, very excited to have you! Mark is great too, we have talked a bit.

I have read some of the posts on your blog, very insightful. One I liked was: http://adventuresinhistoryland.wordpress.com/2013/06/04/burying-the-hatchet/ about the Iroquois and joining of the 5 nations. It was a very complex factor how the native americans in general played a role in the American Revolution. While they might not have had as major an impact as say the French involvement, the political and very real physical dynamics of their participation on both sides of the fighting were real factors. Also, they would play a large part in the story of American expansion west and well into the 1800’s.

I am always excited to talk with folks with different perspectives, especially a British perspective on the American Revolution. Is there anything you have learned that might seem surprising to one educated from the American perspective? Or some interesting bits of related British history?

I found it interesting that Thomas Jefferson wrote his book in France, Notes on the State of Virginia, and first published in French (a small printing of around 200 copies were made for friends and acquaintances), only later to be printed in English.

Also, many prominent American officers fought for Britain in the 7 Years War. I am learning more about that as it is a powerful dynamic that those whom fought together then, would fight against each other in the American Revolution, knowing some of the personalities and fighting styles of those whom they were up against. Lots os stories there.

Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here, we’ll surely appreciate your perspectives.