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Surely, international perspectives really help paint the bigger picture. I guess in a way I am not surprised that it garners little historical attention there. Part of what I have studied about the American Revolution involved learning what are “myths” that are often taught in schools and come to be the generally accepted account of events, when often there is more to it. Gaining others perspectives also helps frame things well. For example I was interested to learn how many different wars Britain was fighting around the world in parallel with the fighting with the American Colonies. It is often posed here in the US (likely for the effect of embellishing victory) of a “david vs goliath” story where the small US Army defeated mighty Britain and the largest Navy in the world. Did the US strategize and fight well, absolutely. They were also helped by France, Spain, and Britain’s other engagements around the world.

I have to look more into the Seven Years’ War. Had worked my way back to the Revolution and in doing so have picked up on little pieces of the precursor events that were part of the Seven Years’ War. Many of the prominent Continental Army military leaders it seemed had fought for Britain then, gaining the experience and skills that would be later used when fighting for America. Definitely a lot t delve into there.

And the Napoleonic wars weave their way into things (at least from my limited perspective) from the revered Marquis de Lafayette’s influence first in helping the American cause then in helping lay the political foundation for the French Revolution and later Napoleonic Wars. Even on a global scale it seems like such a small world with many things interrelated.