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Both books are alas outside of the American Revolutionary War, so I will only briefly mention them so not to go too far off-topic. My first book is called ‘An Illustrated Introduction to the Battle of Waterloo’, which was published in the UK in May this year and will be released in the US in July. The title pretty much says it all, but the book is aimed at those new to the battle and, I hope, fills a gap in the market for those who do not wish to pick-up and read one of the many heavy tomes that already exist. My second book is complete and currently with a publisher. It examines the Pathan risings against the British on the North West Frontier of India in late 1897. The rising was one of the most serious challenges to British authority in the region since the Indian Mutiny. Very little has been written about since the end of the Victorian and early Edwardian periods.

Back to the American Revolutionary War, I have also acquired ‘The Men Who Lost America: British Command during the Revolutionary War and the Preservation of the Empire’ by Andrew O’Shaughnessy. Again, I am very much looking forward to read it as soon as I finish reading my current book.