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Hello Mark, welcome to the forum! Thanks for sharing your enthusiasm and interest in history.

The American Revolutionary War was surely a major event in American history. It seems, the more I read about one period in history the more it begins to draw me to other periods of history or events around the world. I looked at Napoleonic and Victorian forums, they are extremely active, thorough, and interesting. Sincere compliments on their content. Your blog looks great too.

As someone from the UK, do you feel the American Revolution garners much attention in the study of British history? Britain being such a global military power for so long they were engaged in many conflicts (even several in parallel with the American Revolution, likely one factor that contributed (thankfully from my US perspective 🙂 ) to an American victory. I was always curious where it fit into the collective historical recollection of the British people, and if it is just one among many events.