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Debbie Melon

Hi Dan,
Thank you for assisting with my query. Here is the book about Simcoe that I referenced in my post.


I am currently researching Simcoe for a paper that may be included in a local history book. The paper is for a talk in November 2016. I am trying to add some not so well known information to his available narrative.

His comment about the Rhode Island Colony appears to predate 1777 because he states that he approached Admiral Graves when he was stationed in Boston. What’s not clear is why he would say that Rhode Island opposed Blacks?

Here are the responses I received from American Revolution enthusiasts in Canada and all of them find the remark to be quite puzzling because he appears to have said it while he was stationed in Boston.

1) It could mean that Rhode Islanders were prejudiced against Blacks.
2) Rhode Islanders opposed the idea of enlisting Blacks in the Crown forces.
3) Blacks were opposed to Rhode Island rebels.
4) Rhode Island had enlisted Blacks to oppose the British.
5) Rhode Island opposed the use of Blacks in combat.

I am thinking he said it because Rhode Island banned the importation of slaves in 1774, but I can only speculate as well, which is why I posted on your site. If I can’t resolve this by the spring, I will visit the Ontario archives and sift through the Simcoe collection.

I did not watch all the TURN episodes, but I am aware that he was portrayed as a monster.