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Tommy Stephenson


Thanks for responding to my message. I have been extremely lucky in my search for my ancestors. My family told me about my George Alexander Stephenson 1822-1893 buried in the Antioch Cemetery in Lamar County,TX. I wrote the Antioch Cemetery Association and I was told to look on the 1850 Census of Giles County,Tennessee.
1850 US Census for District 9, Giles, TN
Samuel Stephenson, 53, 1797, SC
Mary Stephenson, 53, 1797, SC
Mary Stephenson, daughter, 18, AL
John Stephenson, son, 16, AL
Silvester B Stephenson, son, 13, AL
My George Alexander Stephenson,age 26,born Alabama was living in the home of Carson P. Reed.
I didn’t know where to look for my ancestors in SC until I came in contact with the late Elmer Oris Parker who had a Samuel Stephenson b.1797 on his chart who Mr. Parker knew went to Giles County,TN with his Barron ancestors before 1820. Mr. Elmer Oris Parker was Assistant Director of the National Archives in Washington D.C. and a professional genealogist. One of his Parkers married into my Stephenson family. All the information on the Stephensons in York Co,SC is his research. Yes, I have seen that information about Daniel McClaren. Dan, there was a short family history about my Stephensons living in Madison Co,Alabama and Limestone Co,Al, but that was all. Those Alabama counties are just below Giles Co,TN. Mr. Parker’s greatest achievement was finding General Robert E. Lee’s application for citizenship following the Civil War that had been stuffed in a box at the Archives and forgotten. In 1975,as a result of Mr. Parker’s discovery,Congress restored Robert E Lee’s citizenship.
Whether it was the result of his service or some other reason,Robert Stephenson died in 1797. Yes, Robert,David Dickey and Daniel McClaren saw a lot of fighting in York County,SC, between Whigs and Loyalist. The Americans had been losing battle after battle in SC until the victory at Huck’s Defeat in York County re-energized the Americans and the victory at Cowpens marked the defeat of the British in South Carolina.
I said Daniel McClaren received a thousand acres of land,but Mr. Parker wrote that Daniel McClaren received 5000 acres which included the battlefield on which Daniel fought. At one time the name of Daniel McClaren appeared on line at the Cowpens National Park about his ownership of Cowpens. He was awarded the land by the state of South Carolina in 1803.