Sewing Reenactor Clothing

Louise Gwiazdowski

I have enjoyed making Civil War Clothing, and I am looking forward to making Revolutionary War Clothing. My main challenge using the older methods of sewing, was that I needed to learn and practice some new hand sewing stitches.

In my opinion, once you have learned the basics of how to use a sewing machine, using a treadle sewing machine is not difficult. Most of the treadle sewing machines only sew a straight stitch, they aren’t difficult to thread, and it takes a little practice to get the rhythm of treadling.

Does anyone have any experience using a treadle to sew Rev War costumes or other clothing? Do you have a favorite brand of sewing machine, and would you know of any sewing machine attachments that could be helpful?

Thank you for any sewing hints or ideas you may share with us.