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Marshall Stack

I’ve never gotten to Fort Independence, unfortunately. It’s been rebuilt several times since the Revolution, so I imagine it looks much different from when my 5th great-grandfather was there.

The genealogy was frustrating because he and my ancestor who died at Fort Mifflin were both named Samuel Treat after a common ancestor, the Reverend Samuel Treat. Both were also Captains. The Captain Treat who died at Fort Mifflin was noted for his bravery in the correspondence of Henry Knox and by Jeremiah Greenman in his diary that became “The Diary Of a Common Soldier In the American Revolution”. The Captain Treat who was my direct ancestor spent over 20 years in the military, most of it on Castle Island.

I don’t have many details, but I’m pretty sure a handful of my ancestors either left for England or went to Halifax with the British troops who evacuated Boston in 1776. Most of my ancestors who were here at the time appear to have sided with the rebels.