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Very cool. I could see how the search could get tricky, especially with folks having the same name and rank. Amazing he was known and noted by Henry Knox. Out of interest I looked a little more into him and found (which I am sure you have already seen):

Fort Mifflin Captain Treat mentioned in family tree (page 73): http://www.capecodhistory.us/genealogy/Treat-5.pdf

Hand-written archive record noting his service: http://wardepartmentpapers.org/document.php?id=4098

The fun part for me is seeing the connections – You connected to them, major battles, key figures, and the overall war – we often get a big picture view and getting to learn about the individuals really brings another level of appreciation to what they were a part of.

I’ll have to do a little more digging into my history as well, I doubt any direct revolutionary ties, though it would be interesting to see where the tree leads