Which Colony Would You be From?

Scott Carter

Thanks for asking. Captain George King and his son both fought in South Carolina with Marion. The son eventually moved to Alabama and his descendants fought in the Civil War. These particular men were kin to Abel Kolb, who was a fairly well known officer in American South who was murdered at his home by Tories. If you just google “Abel Kolb’s murder” you’ll see that reference.

Also, a number of Kolbs fought for Marion. These are all cousins / uncles of ours. Jehu Kolb is mentioned in this article as being wounded at Eutaw Springs http://allthingsliberty.com/2013/06/francis-marion-at-the-battle-of-eutaw-springs/ . I think practically all of these South Carolinians I’m kin to fought at Eutaw, which some called “The Eutaws”.

The other was Solomon Wright and he also moved to Georgia, then Alabama and had descendants that were Confederates.

The New England crew, well they were involved in Shay’s Rebellion. I cannot recall how their descendants ended up in the South, but some did.