Which Colony Would You be From?


Hi Captain Pete, that’s interesting you have a relative from the czar’s army, it makes me curious what their stories/adventures were. Also NJ would be a great colony to be from, as you mention so much happened there.

VanZandt92, thanks for the link and history. It seems Eutaw Springs saw some fierce fighting. And Captain King married a woman from Pennsylvania. Solomon wright seemed to have his sons fight in the war of 1812 (http://www.wiregrasssar.org/wrightgravemarking.html), and with folks in New England participating in Shay’s Rebellion after the war, wow, some truly incredible family history. They’re really american roots that in all generations participated in the shaping of the country.

Have you had the opportunity to hold/view any physical pieces from the family? Letters, or clothing buttons, or small artifacts maybe handed down? Being able to hold and experience that in person would be amazing. I think the family history would make a great american book/movie, I imagine there are so many patriotic stories to tell. Just have to get the producers of AMC’s Turn on board 🙂