Who is Honeyman?


Ahh, so much more information from reading that article, and from it some of my questions answered already.

First, Alexander Rose was the author of the article, which also give me some more insight into his knowledge that might influence the tv series Turn. Also, Woodhull is his own man with lineage, so no based-on there. And, it appears there was a family history of the Honeyman name, so no need for it to be a cover. Whew, glad all my initial questions are now dispelled.

From reading, some interesting perspectives. It is not uncommon in history for stories to be created or embellished over time. This reminds me of a book that goes into that concept, titled Founding Myths (http://www.amazon.com/Founding-Myths-Stories-That-Patriotic/dp/1595580735/) that goes into the details of such classics as Patrick Henry’s speech, Paul Revere’s ride, Molly Pitcher).

Not unlike today, individuals might find some gain or benefit in creating or “spinning” history in such a way as to garner attention or sell a story. So, on to Honeyman:

Do you think his daughter, Jane, might have made up the story? Was she was influenced by James Fenimore Cooper’s novel: The Spy: A Tale of the Neutral Ground? Would George Washington have written a letter for Honeyman’s family to protect them?

From the relatively small amount of information I have about it, I would have some suspicions about the full story. However, with as much research as you have done, hopefully you might have some great insights. Now I’m curious 🙂