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    I cam across a film production company that will be working on making some great pieces focused on the American Revolution. They mention that some of the initial works will include Saratoga and Fort Stanwix, a key area of geographical focus being the history in upstate New York.

    I am not sure about release timelines yet, though look forward to hearing more about the productions. If you would like to follow the progress, check out their:

    Facebook page:
    Twitter feed:
    Production Summary on youtube:

    It is always enjoyable to anticipate new historical works!

    John Murphy

    Thank you for the comments about our plans to film these documentaries. It is going to take some time as we plan to film “Stanwix”, about the battle of Oriskany, as our first Rev War project and work our way to the story of the Battle of Saratoga. Our films will also cover other area of interest to upstate NY such as a plan to do a film on race relations called “Unity”. Our mission is simple… to tell stories that need to be told.


    That is a great mission. Localized productions (in this case upstate NY) often have an intrinsic value given the specific knowledge of and interest in an area by those making the films. Also, productions on the Revolution are typically more broad-based and don’t have the run-time to get into some of the more interesting details of a single time/place, which it seems like these will.

    Part of the fun of the creative process is seeing how others take a vision and turn it into a piece for others to enjoy. What got you inspired to tell these stories that need to be told?

    Welcome to the forum.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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