Ben Franklin’s Virtues

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    Ben Franklin is responsible for so many of the services and things we have today. One interesting concept he developed personally was his approach to refining human virtues. He made a chart on paper and would practice daily one of the virtues at a time for a specific period, always trying to keep it top of mind and help it become habit.

    He would go through all thirteen of these virtues, then start again. He began this when he was 20, and even kept up on it during his sea travels to and from England. The thirteen virtues are:

    1. Temperance
    2. Silence
    3. Order
    4. Resolution
    5. Frugality
    6. Industry
    7. Sincerity
    8. Justice
    9. Moderation
    10. Cleanliness
    11. Tranquility
    12. Chastity
    13. Humility

    How do you think these are still valued today?

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