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    Robert Jenner

    Hello everyone, my name is Robert and I post under the name Tombtours. I am a huge fan of the Revolution and it might surprise you to know I am actually Australian (though I now live with my wife and two kids in Hamilton, NJ). My main focus of the revolution is on Washington’s crossing of the Delaware and the battles of Trenton and Princeton and the signers of the Declaration of Independence. I am currently on my own mission to visit the tomb of all 56 signers and I have a blog http://tombtours.blogspot.com in which I talk about this along with pictures.

    I look forward to some great posts!

    P Gwiazdowski

    Hello tomb tours, captain Pete here, as a young man I lived in Bayonne and on weekends would ride my motorcycle around Staten Island ny. This was before the Verirazino bridge was built. The island was mostly farms and open land. I visited many old graveyards. I found that the very old and the very young were buried there. I did not realize at that time that the British and the hessian soldiers occupied the island. Maybe some historic S.I. Web sites would be of value. Best of luck.


    Hi, pleased to make your E-aquaintence!



    Welcome, Robert! Great to have you on the forum.

    I have visited your website and I think the concept is incredible, certainly an adventure. I also like the TombTours video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E7b_gKiISk

    How many signers do you have left?

    I look forward to talking Rev War


    Robert Jenner

    Thank you everyone for the welcome! Dan, thank you for the kind words, I have currently visited 10 signers. In Philly I have visited Robert Morris, James Wilson, Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, Joseph Hewes, Francis Hopkinson and George Rush. At Laurel Hill Cemetery I visited Thomas McKean, and in Princeton I visited Robert Stockton, and John Witherspoon. I have driven past the cemetery where John Hart is buried in Hopewell, NJ but have yet to stop because of the snow!

    My blog http://tombtours.blogspot.com is where I share my own tour as well as giving a little info on those I visit. My BIG news is that I just teamed up with a app developer and we pare going to build a app that is part tour, part game for ‘Tomb Hunters’ to visit different historical figures! We are still planning but as soon as I get more info I will share it here.

    Again thank you for the welcome!


    Wow, it wounds like you’re well on your way making good progress. I was just thinking, though don’t know if this is an acceptable practice or if it is ok in a historical context, do you know if anyone ever does “pencil rubbings” of the grave stone engravings? Where they hold a piece of paper over the etched parts, and rub a pencil over the paper that then shades in the paper where writing is under it?

    Excellent news! That will be exciting. I can imagine walking through historical areas with an app, hunting for history

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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