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    Wow, George Washington had several swords he used for the field, and also for presentations and more official appearances (including his being sworn in as President). I was familiar with his at the Smithsonian in DC, this article got into a lot about the other swords and where they came from:

    Learning about his will and his family’s choice of swords to keep is fascinating. His United States locally (New York) made field sword must have so many stories to tell!

    Jimmy Dick

    I thought it was amazing that both he and John Adams wore swords when they were sworn in as President. That is a nice detail that gets obscured today. It shows the ending of the time when gentlemen wore swords or that they were badges of office.


    Incredible, I didn’t know John Adams wore one himself. I believe Washington and Adams also rode to their inaugurations in fancy carriages. The concept of a gentleman, the behaviors, dress, and respect associated with that role are pretty impressive, certainly elements of a time gone by.

    It’s also great to think about how at the first few inaugurations the process was essentially new, and they made it up as they went, of course with deep thoughtfulness, yet sill decided as they went along.

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