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    Hello, I was talking with a gentleman who owns an antique store in northwest Arkansas. His name is Zachary Miller and he has some great items there: http://www.zacharymillerantiques.com . We got to talking and he shared a story about some artifact excavation he did in New York City, he also shared some images for the site.

    It is pretty incredible, he shared the 17th and 18th century landfill in lower manhattan is thick and oxygen deprived river mud, so that helped to preserve the hat and some other items be found (bottle, coins). It’s really cool to see this come out of the ground! Below I have included some images and a youtube video of Zach on Antiques Roadshow talking about the hat. What do you think of all this??

    This first image shows the more recent Manhattan shoreline with colonial period landfill highlighted in yellow. The image right below it is an 18th century image of the Manhattan shoreline and piers on the East River that would be filled in

    The next images are of a group of Irish, Spanish, and English coins, and a circa 1710 English bottle found the same morning as the hat.

    Next, is the hat! Pretty amazing

    Another image of the hat:

    If you’d like to see a video of Zach on Antiques Roadshow with the hat, here is the video:

    It was so great hearing the story and seeing the items. Thanks, Zach. Anyone have an experience like this? Or some across any artifacts like these? What do you think about these?


    P Gwiazdowski

    Hello captain Pete here. I watched the video and photos. Really interesting. I do know that items buried in clay can be preserved for thousands of years or longer. Although I am not an expert in this area by any means. Thanks for this historically cool info.


    Glad you liked it, definitely and interesting story and find!


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