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    P Gwiazdowski

    hello captain pete here, with permission while at the old Texaco site in Bayonne, N.J., around 1995 I was looking for some remains of a rev war fort, and pre-rev war ferry house.
    Texaco was in the process of reclaiming the land covered over when it became a fuel oil storage facility about 1906. In what was approximately the center of their property they removed 3 large oil tanks. The middle one was covering a dug well which probably was part of the ferry owners land. I found broken pottery and glassware bits. Nothing else with my detector. While working towards the Kill Van Kull shoreline, I did find a cannon ball which was the size of a baseball, in very rusted condition. This came out of a test pit that Texaco dug for soil samples. I have some old records that report of the Hessians & British firing on the fort at Bergen Point. Doctor Robinson (our old local historian) has some interesting maps and stories about this old Rev-War fort and Fort Delancy, another fort located in what is now uptown Bayonne, N.J. I have to sign out now, but will come back with more precise information on this subject.


    Hello Captain Pete! Wow that is a really cool story!

    Did you know about the location’s history before you started detecting there, or was it something that once you began to find pieces you looking more into the history?

    It must have been exciting pulling a cannon ball out from the ground. One can only imagine the last person that held it and where it came from.

    Welcome to the forum.


    Hello Captain Pete, hope all is well. Was just reading over this post and was curious, did you ever come across any more of the details from the dig, or anything else great you dug up?


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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