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    Louise Gwiazdowski

    We are planning to visit some Rev War Historic Sites in New England and Philadelphia this summer. Does anyone have suggestions of sites to visit, and also any information about restaurants in these areas that serve Rev War Period type foods?
    Thank You for any information you can share to help us plan our trip.


    Hello SewHistory, thanks for stopping back

    I live near Philadelphia so can share a few suggestions for that area:

    -Visiting Independence Hall is a great stop (, being where the Continental Congressmen met, and where the Declaration of Independence was signed, it is fun to go on the tour

    -Carpenters’ Hall – a short walk from Independence Hall is Carpenter’s hall (, the location of the First Continental Congress. There are also a lot of other historic buildings and landmarks around these two buildings, so plenty to discover and explore

    For food, there is an excellent place called the City Tavern ( Also within walking distance, it is a restaurant and bar that features period food, in a period setting (plates, utensils, furniture), served by staff in period clothing. The building itself is a rebuilt version of the original from 1773, that was torn down in 1854, and later rebuilt into the structure that stands today. Many Founding Fathers ate and drank at the original during the Revolution. It’s a great stop on a historic visit

    I hope that helps some


    Louise Gwiazdowski

    Hello Dan,

    Thank You for your reply to my questions. You’ve shared some great information. I looked up City Tavern and we’re going to make that a definite stop for a meal.

    We’re glad there’ll be so many Historic Sites within walking distance, and then we can walk to the restaurant also.

    Is Old City located within walking distance of Independence Hall? We’re planning on getting a walking tour map before our visit, so we’ll be sure not to miss someplace of interest.

    I’m hoping for a reply from some folks in New England. Locals sometimes have information that isn’t in the Tour Books.

    Thanks Again,


    Hello Sew History,

    My apologies for not replying sooner, I had thought I had sent one and noticed I had not.

    Yes, Philadelphia has a lot of great history centrally located. Yes, Old City is an area right next to Independence Hall and the Independence National Historic Park. It’s possible to spend a few days walking around and seeing everything (or an afternoon just walking around without going into every building/museum), so you can choose what you might like best and see what your schedule allows for.

    It should be a great time, it is exciting you will be visiting!

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