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    Throughout the American Revolution, George Washington stayed at many homes local to the army’s travels, each of which became his “headquarters” while he was there. Since the army moved relatively frequently and the war lasted for years, there are many locations that served as Washington’s headquarters. A few include:

    1. Newburgh House, Newburgh, New York

    In this house Washington signed the Proclamation of Peace in 1783, ending hostilities in the war

    2. Moland House, Hartsville, Pennsylvania

    Washington stayed here in 1777 during time before the Battle of Brandywine

    3. Ford Mansion, Morristown, New Jersey

    Washington stayed here during parts of 1779 and 1780

    There are likely scores if not more of homes that can lay claim to having been visited by George Washington, across the colonies. Do you have a favorite Washington’s Headquarters? Have you visited any?

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