A VERY FINE & LARGE PAIR OF FRENCH & INDIAN WAR PERIOD FRENCH DOUBLE BARREL FLINTLOCK HOLSTER PISTOLS, ca. 1740: In overall very fine untouched condition with smooth, silver-gray locks and blued barrels with finely chased and embossed gilt bronze mounts with rococo vine scrolls and acanthus leaf accents. Round, pin-fastened, sighted, 10”, .55 caliber, blued, steel barrels with approximately 45% blued finish and scroll-engraved, gold damascened breeches. Flat, scrool-engraved, bridled locks/mechanisms with scroll engraved gooseneck hammers, en suite: both left hammers associated/working-life replacements. Very fine mechanics with fine timing and strong mainsprings. The frizzens with thread-engraved backs and the faceted bridled powder-pans with line-engraved borders. Retains their teardrop finial frizzen-springs with untouched, smooth steel-gray surfaces. The face of the locks with a “*/FG” maker’s mark and the undersides of the breeches with the maker’s marking of the noted St. Etienne, (Fr.) gunsmith Gillier Tissot; who was a member of the “Tissot” gunsmith famil and was working, 1740-1750 (For more information, please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neu Stockel”, vol 2, pg. 1289 & 1290). Molded and relief carved, nicely-figured French walnut fullstocks of classic early to mid-18th Century French rococo design with raised floral bouquets at the barrel-tangs, incised line carved borders, around the mounts and the forestocks with matching raised and incised carvings. Retains approx. 95%+ finish with sharp contours, a fine grain-figure and delicate proportions of classic French form. Some light scattered handling marks and expected signs of use/age: relief carved teardrops around the locks. Richly and fully chased and embossed gilt-bronze mounts of French rococo form: barrel-form ramrod pipes with baluster turned ends and finely etched and engraved/embossed finials. Engraved and finely detailed, floral-finial trigger-guards with deeply embossed stepped and chased bows. Stirrup-type butt-caps with chased and engraved borders and strongly detailed grotesque mask pommel-caps. The thread-engraved, long, side-stirrups, en suite. In overall very fine untouched condition with choice, gunmetal-toned, blued, steel surfaces with only the lightest scattered wear and discoloration: fine touch-holes. The stocks with extensive relief and incised carvings and retain 95% finish with sharp details and only some light handling marks. Original horn tip ramrods with jags; and a very nice quality Pair of Large French Double Barrel Flintlock Officer’s/Holster Pistols, ca. 1740. For similar examples, please see C. Blair’s: “Pistols of the World” & M. Lindsay’s: “100 Great Guns”. Overall length, 17″.


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