A VERY GOOD QUALITY BURLWOOD STOCK COLONIAL/FRENCH & INDIAN WAR PERIOD FRENCH FLINTLOCK HOLSTER/OFFICER’S PISTOL, ca. 1730: In overall very good original flintlock condition. The octagonal-to-round, .70 caliber, 9″, smoothbore, pin-fastened, iron barrel with a fine wedding-band transition and a lightly engraved tang and breech: retains a vestige of its foresight with generally smooth steel-gray surfaces with some wear. Molded and carved, finely Figured Burl-Walnut fullstock with classic French rococo relief and incised carvings. A heavy and pronounced bulbous butt, raised teardrops around the lock and sideplate mortises and incised flutes, along the forestock. Retains approx. 75%+ finish with some scattered handling marks, signs of use/wear and minor old/working-life repairs. Lightly engraved, classic French rococo form, steel mounts. The butt-cap with long side stirrups and an oval finial/pommel-cap. Two (2), baluster-type, ramrod-pipes and a lightly floral-engraved “rifle type” flat sideplate. The trigger-guard with a sculpted forward finial and an engraved bow. Very good mounts with matching steel-gray surfaces, some scattered patches of discoloration/pitting and wear. In original flintlock configuration: the lock with a flat scroll engraved lockplate with its matching gooseneck hammer, faceted frizzen, teardrop finial frizzen-spring and faceted bridle-less powder-pan. In overall very good original flintlock condition. The barrel with a steel-gray age patina, worn engraving and some light scattered discoloration/fine pitting. The hardware with matching steel surfaces and light patination. The stock retains 75%+ finish with some scattered handling marks, signs of use and minor old repair/fills. The lock with smooth steel surfaces, 65%+ polish and very good engravings: strong mainspring and in mechanically functional order. Matching wooden ramrod with flared tip. A very nice example of a Fine quality Rococo period Burlwood Stock French Flintlock Officer’s/Holster Pistol, ca. 1730. For similar examples, please see G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons…” & C. Blair’s: “Pistols of the World”. Overall length, 16″.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/fpistols.htm