A FINE ROCOCO PERIOD DOUBLE BARREL FRENCH FLINTLOCK FOWLER, ca. 1770: In overall fine, untouched, original flintlock condition. Fine quality and light weight, octagonal-to-round, smoothbore, .56 caliber (24 Ga.), 38 1/2″, pin-fastened, gold-sighted, blued (35%+ wispy & mottled finish) barrels with floral engraved, gold damascened, “hooked”-type breeches, fine wedding-band transitions and gold-washed “CANON FIN” markings. Retains an untouched age patina with some light patches of discoloration and smooth, dark, steel surfaces. Fine touch-holes and the expected signs of use. Molded and finely carved, nicely figured French Walnut halfstock of classic Sedan-type Rococo design with a sculpted and deeply fluted comb and butt. A relief carved floral bouquet, around the barrel tang; and the mounts and locks with raised carved accented borders. The ramrod entry-pipe with a finely carved, floral and leaf motif. Untouched steel mounts with smooth, gunmetal gray surfaces and some expected light discoloration. The trigger-guard with a finely sculpted urn-type forward finial, a raised-stepped bow and the Sedan-type rear finial with its sling-swivel. Screw-fastened buttplate with a rounded top finial, an integral toe-plate and finely scalloped edges. Three (3) barrel-form ramrod pipes: the middle pipe with its forward sling-swivel. A finely etched and deeply embossed, vacant, silver wrist-escutcheon with a raised roped border. Fine locks with matching reinforced, “gooseneck” hammers, teardrop finial frizzen-springs, bridled powder-pans and smooth untouched steel-gray surfaces with 75%+ latent, “bright”, casehardened finish. In mechanically functional order with strong mainsprings, fine timing and functioning double triggers: untouched, smooth, steel surfaces, en suite with the barrels and mounts. In overall fine untouched original flintlock condition. The barrels with sharp contours clear markings, fine quality engravings and some scattered light patches of discoloration/wear. The stock with nicely detailed rococo carvings, a fine grain-figure, some minor handling marks/abrasions, chips, small old fills/chips and 85%+ finish. A very nice example of a Classic Rococo Period Double Barrel French Flintlock Fowler, ca. 1770. Original brass-tip wooden ramrod with several old wormholes and an old repair. Overall length, 54″. For a similar example, please see C. Blair’s: “European and American Arms…”.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/flongarms.htm