AN EXCELLENT RELIEF CARVED & HIGH QUALITY GOLD ACCENTED GERMAN FLINTLOCK JAEGER RIFLE, by “von Der FECHT” ca. 1730: In overall excellent original flintlock condition. Deeply swamped, fine, quality, rifled, .38 caliber, 29″, octagonal, iron barrel with a dovetailed Silver blade fore-sight and a finely crafted Gold rear sight: the breech and muzzle with scroll engraved Gold inlayed accents and the balance of the barrel with approx. 75% of its nitre blue finish (wispy). The midsection and faceted & flared muzzle with decorative solid Gold barrel-bands. Retains excellent, smooth, steel surfaces with crisp contours, sharp rifling and an excellent touch-hole. Molded, deeply sculpted and relief-carved, finely-figured, European walnut fullstock of classic Germanic Jaeger Rifle form with its horn-tip fore-end cap. The stock with deeply fluted incised line carvings, along the full length of the forestock and classic Rococo raised carvings moldings, around the mounts and lock. Excellent stock with only the lightest signs of use and handling. Complete with its carved and finely figured, sliding wooden patchbox-cover with its original spring-release. The left side of the butt with deeply relief carved scrolls and floral vines motifs, of classic mid-18th century/rococo German form. In excellent/museum grade condition; and in original flintlock configuration. Classic, German form, flat, faceted flintlock mechanism with finely sculpted and chiseled components. Retains its original hammer, frizzen and teardrop finial frizzen-spring with its bridle-less powder-pan and original springs. In mechanically functional order with a strong mainspring, very fine timing and its original curled, single-set single trigger. The bottom edge of the lockplate with a clear “V. D. FECHT” maker’s signature: Christian Ludwig von Der Fecht of Berlin, Germany, 1710-1753 worked at 18 Jerusalemer Street (please see E. Heer’s: “Der Neue Stockel”, vol. 1, pg. 511). Excellent, untouched, “bright” steel- surfaces with 95% polish/finish. Classic German Jaeger Rifle form, Plain & Engraved Brass Mounts. The “martial-type” trigger-guard with a simple rear finger-rest and a sculpted forward and rear finial. Three baluster (3) ramrod pipes, its original iron ramrod; and the buttplate with a finely detailed, rococo vine-engraved top finial. Finely chased and embossed openwork sideplate with both its original sidebolts. The mounts with golden-toned/gilt? surfaces and distinct contours/details. An excellent example of a signed German Flintlock Jaeger Rifle, ca. 1730. Overall length 43 1/2″. For similar examples and additional information, please see M. L. Brown’s: Firearms in Colonial America…” & G. C. Neumann’s: “Battle Weapons…”.


Images and description courtesy of Paul’s Antique Arms & Armour at: http://www.ambroseantiques.com/flongarms.htm