John Archer Elmore – Continental Army Officer – Virginia


Elmore was born in Prince Edward County, Virginia on 21 August 1762 to Archelaus Elmore and Susannah Morris. He joined the Continental Army while still a youth and served in the Virginia Line under Nathanael Greene. Elmore was with Green in his tour through the Carolinas, and was present at the Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown.

After the war, he settled in Laurens District, South Carolina, where he was elected to the State Legislature. In 1819, he moved to Autauga, Alabama, where he was again elected as a State Legislator and served there until his death in 1834. Autauga was renamed Elmore County in his honor.

His interment was Autauga County’s Huntington Cemetery.


Elmore married Mary Ann Sarah Saxon on 1 March 1788 and they had five children. Elmore was later married to Mary Martin on 14 March 1805 with whom he had another 14 children.

* Benjamin F.
* Narcissa
* Sophia Saxon
* Charlotte Perry
* Franklin Harper
* Elizabeth S.
* Sarah Terry
* John Archer
* Morris Martin
* William
* Luther Alfred
* Henry Marshall
* Laurence Ludlow
* Physick Rush
* Winfield Scott
* Infant
* James Scott
* Albert Standhope
* Ann Harriet