John Dalrymple of the British Royal Navy


John Dalrymple (fl. 1744 – d. 1798) was an officer of the Royal Navy. He became a fellow of the Royal Society.

He entered the Royal Navy as a Captain’s servant aboard {HMS|Alderney|1735|6}. He passed his examinations for promotion to lieutenant in 1744. He commanded a sloop in 1757; and he was promoted to post-captain in 1758. He was captain of {HMS|Winchester|1744|6} in 1762. He was promoted to the rank of rear-admiral of the white in 1787, and advanced to vice-admiral in 1793. He was commander-in-chief at the Nore from 11 May 1794, flying his flag aboard {HMS|Sandwich|1759|6}. He was promoted to the rank of admiral of the blue in 1795.

This Scottish-born seaman was elected to membership in the Royal Society on 23 May 1796.