John Twiggs – American Militia General


General John Twiggs (June 5, 1750 – March 29, 1816) served as a leader in the Georgia Militia during the American Revolutionary War.


Twiggs was born in Maryland in 1750, and his family moved to St. George’s Parish in Georgia in 1751. He married Ruth Emanuel, the sister of David Emanuel, who served under Twiggs in his unit and later became Governor of Georgia. Twiggs had six children with the most notable being American Civil War General David Emanuel Twiggs.Another son was USMC Major Levi Twiggs. A great-grandson of General John Twiggs was USMC Major General John Twiggs Myers holder of the Marine Corps Brevet Medal.

Twiggs served as a Lieutenant in a militia company raised in St. Paul’s Parish (current-day Richmond County, Georgia), and he was promoted to Captain on June 3, 1774. He led a company that was commanded by Colonel Samuel Jack during the Revolution. Twiggs was later promoted to Colonel, then Brigadier General (August 18, 1781), and finally Major General (September 8, 1791). He was wounded in a battle in Camden, South Carolina; however, he continued to serve in the military after the Revolution.

Twiggs participated in the commission that selected the site for the University of Georgia in Athens, served as a trustee to that insitituion and contributed money for the building of the initial UGA Chapel on its campus. He was also appointed Justice of the Peace for Burke County, Georgia in 1782 and served as a state Senator from Richmond County in 1791.

Through a series of land purchases, Twiggs built Good Hope Plantation which stretched throughout Richmond County and into Aiken County, South Carolina. He died at his plantation in 1816 and was buried there.