Below you can find a list of games related to the American Revolution.  The link for each will take you to a site with more details or to where you can read user reviews.




Board/Table Games

wargamingminiatures  War Gaming Miniatures


washingtonswargame.jpg Washington’s War 

1776.jpg 1776

1777TheYearoftheHangman.jpg 1777 The Year of the Hangman

RebelsandRedcoats.jpg Rebels and Redcoats

 BrandywineandGermantown.jpg Brandywine and Germantown

ClashforaContinent.jpg Clash for a Continent

HoldtheLine.jpg Hold the Line

Liberty.jpg Liberty

Saratoga.jpg Saratoga

TheAmericanRevolution.jpg The American Revolution


Computer Games

EmpireTotalWar.png Empire: Total War


Mobile Device Games (iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.)

MusketandArtillery.png Musket & Artillery