Moluntha – Native American


Moluntha or Malunthy (c. 1692 – November 1786) was a chief of the Shawnee people following the death of Cornstalk.

==Struggle for the Old Northwest==

Moluntha fought at the Siege of Boonesborough on the side of the British in 1778. In 1786, threatened with war by Richard Butler and George Rogers Clark, he was among the Shawnee leaders who signed the Treaty of Fort Finney.


Immediately before Logan’s Raid commenced, Benjamin Logan ordered his men not to kill any of the Shawnee that might choose to surrender. During the battle, Moluntha was cornered by William Lytle and surrendered to him. Moluntha was brought into the custody of Hugh McGary, and Logan reiterated his order that the prisoners not be harmed. McGary, who was still bitter about his defeat at the Battle of Blue Licks, asked Moluntha, “Were you at the defeat of the Blue Licks?” The aged chief misunderstood the question and answered in the affirmative. McGary immediately killed Moluntha with an axe. Logan relieved McGary of command and court-martialed him.

Moluntha’s son, Spemica-Lawba, survived Logan’s raid. He was brought back to Kentucky and raised by Benjamin Logan, eventually became known as Captain Logan.

Tecumseh cited Moluntha’s death as an example of broken promises by the United States.