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Simonds’ Regiment of Militia also known as the 3rd Berkshire County Regiment was raised in Berkshire County, Massachusetts during the American Revolutionary War. The Regiment was at Fort Ticonderoga during the winter of 1776-1777. Simonds’ Regiment was called up in the summer of 1777 during the Saratoga Campaign fighting at the Battle of Bennington with General John Stark’s Brigade of New Hampshire Militia. Many volunteers also joined the regiment at this time including William Easton, and the “Fighting Parson,” Thomas Allen. Simonds’ Regiment attacked Friedrich Baum’s redoubt from the south during the battle as Stickney’s, Hale’s and Hobart’s attacked form the east and Nichols’ attacked from the west. The regiment would continue on to the Battle of Bemis Heights and the surrender of British General John Burgoyne’s army. The regiment would also be called up in response to Carleton’s Raid and the Royalton Raid of 1780.


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