The Rebels (1979 Film)


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The story mixes fictional characters with historical events and figures, to narrate the nascent United States of America during the time of the American Revolution. While it continues the story of Philip Kent, started in The Bastard, a large portion focuses on Judson Fletcher (Don Johnson), a newly introduced character, as a different rebel. In 1979, the novel was made into this television film by Operation Prime Time.

The Rebels was preceded by the The Bastard, first in the series, and followed by The Seekers, third in the series.


Philip Kent takes part in the American Revolution and the newly formed congress.


* Andrew Stevens — Phillipe Charboneau/Philip Kent
* Don Johnson — Judson Fletcher
* Doug McClure — Eph Tait
* Jim Backus — John Hancock
* Richard Basehart — Duke of Kentland
* Joan Blondell — Mrs. Brumple
* Tom Bosley — Benjamin Franklin
* Macdonald Carey — Dr. Church
* Rory Calhoun — Breen
* Kim Cattrall — Anne Kent
* John Chappell — Henry Knox
* William Daniels — John Adams
* Anne Francis — Mrs. Harris
* Peter Graves — George Washington
* Pamela Hensley —Charlotte Waverly
* Gwen Humble — Peggy McLean
* Wilfrid Hyde-White — Gen. Howe
* Nehemiah Persoff — Baron Von Steuben
* William Smith — John Waverly
* Warren Stevens — Ambrose Waverly
* Kevin Tighe — Thomas Jefferson
* Bobby Troup — Sam Gill
* Forrest Tucker — Angus Fletcher
* Tanya Tucker — Rachel
* Robert Vaughn — Seth McLean
* William Conrad — Narrator (voice)