Thomas Symonds of the British Royal Navy


Captain Thomas Symonds, R.N. (died 1793) was a British naval captain of the American Revolutionary War.

In 1780, in England, he replaced John Luttrell as captain of {HMS|Charon|1778|6}, and sailed for America with a naval force. After successful anti-convoy operations on the Atlantic crossing and coastal cruising, the ship became trapped in the York River, Virginia, where Symonds took supreme command of British naval forces in America. Charon was destroyed and sunk with red-hot shot soon afterwards. At the end of the Siege of Yorktown, it was he (as the most senior naval officer present) and Cornwallis, Lieutenant General of the British Armed Forces, who signed the Articles of Capitulation on 18 October 1781.

His daughter was Mary Anne Whitby, his son was William Symonds, Surveyor of the Navy, and his grandsons included William Cornwallis Symonds, Thomas Symonds, and Jermyn Symonds.