Continental Navy Ship


USS ”Harrison” (1761) was a schooner chartered and outfitted by General George Washington during the American Revolution. She was assigned to capture British supply ships as part of Washington’s plans for the siege of Boston, Massachusetts, and to provide the Continental Army with whatever goods they carried.

== Chartered in 1775 ==

Harrison, a former fishing schooner built in 1761, and named the Triton was chartered 22 October 1775 as part of the small fleet outfitted by General George Washington to capture much needed supplies and to aid him in the siege of Boston.

== Capturing British supply ships ==

Under Captain William Colt the ship set sail from Plymouth, Massachusetts, where she had been obtained, on 26 October. Although Harrison was not sturdy or particularly seaworthy. Captain Colt succeeded in capturing two British provision ships 5 November.

Continuing her cruise against British shipping, the ship departed again 13 November 1775 and after ‘being chased by frigate HMS Tartar on the 23d, brought two more prizes into port 1 December.