RevWarTalk is excited to announce the release of an amazing, historical, and fun app! It is called Franklin’s Art of Virtue, and provides a digital way for users to track their virtues on a daily basis just like Ben Franklin did centuries ago in his small notebook! The app includes the story of the origin of the 13 Virtues, how Ben used them to help accomplish his goals, a digital tracking table, and steps to show how you can track your own virtues on a mobile device. It is available on Apple iOS in the App Store for iPad® and iPhone®, and for Android devices in the Google Play store, more details and images below, download it today!


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Franklin’s Art of Virtue – App for iOS and Android

Experience Franklin’s 13 Virtues yourself & practice the daily Art of Virtue! Ben Franklin was an incredible thinker always working to come up with great ideas. One such idea, a plan for personal development, he devised while on an ocean voyage from England to America. This plan known as Franklin’s 13 Virtues (or his Art of Virtue project as referred to by a friend), would involve practicing a single virtue each day for a week. Ben would be conscious of his actions related to developing that virtue and over time saw great improvements.

This app is a digital recreation of Ben’s plan. It includes a re-created virtues tracking table so you too can practice the Art of Virtue and experience fulfilling personal growth on a daily basis, anywhere you go. It also tell’s Ben’s incredible story, with background from his autobiography and details on his methods.

Experience this great plan yourself, and practice the Art of Virtue!

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