William Bull II – Loyalist


William Bull II (September 24, 1710 – July 4, 1791 ) was a landowner, and was for many years (1759–1775) lieutenant governor of the province, and served as acting governor on five occasions. A Loyalist, he left the colony in 1782 when British troops were evacuated at the end of the American Revolutionary War, and died in London.

William (Guilielus) Bull matriculated at the University of Leiden 10 October 1732 and 13 April 1734. He received his Medical Doctor degree 18 August 1734. The title description of his thesis is: Dissertatio medica inauguralis de colica pictonum. Quam … pro gradu Doctoratus, summisque in Medicina honoribus & privilegiis rite ac legitime consequendis, eruditorum examini submittit Gulielmus Bull … ad diem 18. Augusti 1734. hora locoque solitis. – Lugduni Batavorum : apud Gerardum Potvliet, 1734. – 19,[1]p. ; 4to.

On title-page he is described as “Anglus ex Carolina.” Dedicated to his father William Bull, King’s Counsel of South Carolina. In the thesis he makes reference to “Townium Anglium qui ad colicam refert.” Born in South Carolina, 1710. He is said to have been the first white person to be born in South Carolina, and the first from the American Continent to graduate at Leyden.


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