Community Guidelines

RevWarTalk Community Guidelines

RevWarTalk aims to be a positive and supportive online community.  Here are a few basic user guidelines to help make it an enjoyable experience for everyone:

1.)  Share your ideas! – the most important part of the forum is the user, you.  Feel comfortable to share your insight, ideas, and opinions.  Also feel free to just visit and read if you would like.  We encourage folks to learn from what is available here as well as participate to share their interests and knowledge with others.

2.)  Encourage great dialogue and help others – Great discussions are amazing and interesting, also welcome new users and help them along the way.  While this is a digital community, a little human support can make all the difference and make it feel like a true community of people, simply together via digital means.

3.)  Have fun! – That is what this is all about, so enjoy your time here and help make others’ time here enjoyable as well.

4.)  You are responsible for your contributions to and actions on the site – Be kind and use common sense.  Folks are generally supportive, reciprocate that to everyone.

5.)  Please keep on topic – Some topics and discussion categories might allow for general discussion and users are encouraged to share things that are valuable to the community, though topics and conversation should be generally kept to content that relates to the American Revolutionary War.

6.)  Be respectful with political and religious content – Political and religious content should be kept directly related to insights into the American Revolutionary War and those related topics.  Content outside of that can as with any content be moderated or blocked.

7.)  Treat everyone with respect – Do not insult, harass, or attempt to offend anyone.  No content that is allowed that is offensive, obscene, or discriminatory.

8.) Disagreeing is absolutely allowed – Please do so respecfully and in context of the content being discussed, and in such a way that the dialogue of disagreement can lead to a further understanding of a topic by all users that read it.

9.) Topics and content should be family-friendly – All users should feel comfortable and be treated fairly.

10.)  Violation reporting – If you would like to report a post that you feel violates the culture of this site, just click the “Report to Moderator” link toward the bottom right area of a post.

11.)  Admin can ban a user for any reason – The site aims to maintain a positive and supportive culture in which to share interests with all users that visit.

12.)  Enjoy your time here, that is the goal! – We hope you find it a place where you are glad to visit and participate.