handsytherev war


This is a Revolutionary War era hand sythe or sickle that was used to keep the grounds clear around camp or the house. This type has the long sweep associated with the early types. The later types had wider blades and shorter sweeps are are quite common. You can see a like example on page 269 of COLLECTOR’S ILLUSTRATED ENCYCLOPEDIA OF THE AMERICAN REVOLUTION by George C. Neumann and Frank J. Kravic. Their note under the illustration states ‘The long sweep of this sickle is a typical 18th century pattern; it was employed to keep camp areas neat and defensive areas cleared.’ This one is nice with some worm holes in the handle. The tine is peaned over to hold the handle on.


Image and description courtesy of Caldwell and Company at: http://www.caldwellandcompany.net/Newandhot.html